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Company Profile

Ningbo SUPU Electronics Co.,Ltd. has two production bases & 308 staff (which Cixi factory construction has an area of 12500 square meter while Hangzhou Bay factory construction has an area of 25000 square meters). We has developed four business sections: terminal blocks and connectors, pilot device, precision mould,and customized components. As focusing on R&D,production,sales and service, we are excellent global supplier of electrical industry.
Our products include rail-mounted spring terminal blocks,rail-mounted screw terminal blocks,miniature spring terminal blocks,multi usage connectors with spring cage clamp(MCS connector),PCB terminal blocks,piercing connectors,series B connectors,transformer connectors,push wire connectors,green pluggable terminal blocks,especially the spring terminal blocks lead the domestic market share in the terminal blocks files.Products have been approved by CQC,UL,VDE,TUV,CE.ROHS,IRIS quality certification,and product quality are widely recognized and praised.
Our products have been widely used in elevators,power control system,rail transportation control,wind energy,solar energy,lighting,shipbulding,instrumentation,machinery manufacturing,building wiring and other fields.Company adhere the forward-looking product innovation and technology,have invested in technology research and development center.We have advanced product testing and inspection center,conduct a comprehensive inspection and control for product safety,reliability,applicability,all programs are organically integrated, and effectively used the existing management resources, through the synergy effect, to make it more efficient and standard operation
Excepting providing standard products,we also support to provide the effectively products solutions with personalized requirements.We have a close cooperation with Otis Group,Schindler Group,Mitsubishi Group,Schneider Electric,Shanghai Electric,Hyundai Heavy Industries,CRRS Group,CSR,Puzhen Group and other world’s leading enterprises.The sales network is all over the world.
According to customer expectations, SUPU with the “customer first’ philosophy in terms of price, quality and service and other aspects,continue to make contributions to the global market.
SUPU,makes the world connected!

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