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Company Profile

 2Pai Semiconductor Co., Limited is invested by China Elite Capital (former Intel Capital team). The company is founded by Dr. Zhiwei Dong. Dr. Dong graduated from Georgia Tech with Ph.D., from Tsinghua University with Master degree, his last job was principal engineer, in Qualcomm. Most of our designers have been worked for Qualcomm, Silicon Labs and TI. Company focus on analog IC research and development and sales. 
We are focused in three product area: safety products, sensors, internet of things. p1xx Digital Isolator is our first product line. Most performances are better than the products on the market, (Data Rate 4times higher, Supply Current 5times lower, Propagation Delay 2times less than the best) and expanded the isolator application area greatly .
 In next 3 years, we are focusing on isolators (Digital Isolator, Isolated Driver and Isolated Power), internet of things, Current sensor development.

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