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Guangdong EBG ltd

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Test and measurement | Passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc.) | PCBs, other circuit carriers and EMS | Automotive

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Company Profile

Shenzhen EBG Limited (EBG-Shenzhen)was found by Shenzhen Science & Industry Corporation (China)and EBG m.b.h(Austria)in 1988.The major products are high precision metal film resistors,high power and high voltage thick film resistors,as well as other high performance resistors.
With the technical support by EBG(Austria) and continuous introduction of anvanced production and management knowledge,EBG-Shenzhen has become a successful electronic component manufacturer after several decades of development .The company is equipped with advanced technology,owns multiple patents and is certified as both Shenzhen and national high and new technology corporation.

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