In order to implement prevention and control of COVID-19 during all the exhibitions period demanded by Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association,  Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd. will take the following measures to ensure no epidemic accidents occur during all kinds of exhibition activities, and to ensure the health of participants are in good order.

Working Principle:

Prevention is the priority. Adhere to the principle of prevention first, implement various preventive measures, and to prepare emergency reservation of personnel, technology, materials and equipment. Enhance detection prior to and during the show. Analyze and pre-alert promptly for all kinds of the potential suspected COVID-19 cases and epidemic. To discover, report and conduct at the first stage.

Prevention and control emergency measures:

 I. Personnel Management

Responsible for the establishment of exhibition epidemic prevention and control working group, clarify responsible persons at all levels, and formulate on-site exhibition epidemic prevention and control and emergency disposal plans (including: exhibitor / visitor registration, crowd flow guidance, temperature test,  mask wearing, disinfection and other measures, disposal of suspected personnel found on-site, etc.). To coordinate the epidemic prevention work of various departments and partners, summarize and report the situation, coordinate the disposal and post-evaluation work.  A propaganda report group will be set up for the release of relevant information during the exhibition and reception of the news media.

To promote the knowledge of prevention and control of COVID-19 infection to the participants in advance, and remind the personnel with suspected symptoms and other infectious diseases not to attend the exhibition according to the requirements of the disease control department.

To improve the procedures for exhibitor and visitor registration, and register the name, company name, and mobile phone no of on-site personnel, including targeted collection and classification of information from overseas exhibitors. Participant registration advocates the use of "Shanghai QR code". Overseas participant registration intends to verify passport-related immigration records and travelling/lived in history. At the same time, it advocates the use of electronic badges to replace the original paper badges to reduce the accumulation of people lining up for badges.

To strengthen the health monitoring and investigation of the company personnel entering the exhibition site. If any discomfort such as fever (above 37.3 ℃), cough, etc., stop the exhibition work immediately and seek medical treatment immediately.

Personnel entering the exhibition site must wear masks, keep hands washed and disinfected frequently. The protective materials such as disposable medical surgical masks, alcohol disinfectants or hands-free disinfectants will be fully equipped onsite.

In Coordination with the cleaning service agency of the exhibition hall, the frequency of cleaning intervals, particularly in the sanitation, will be increased. In addition to adopting strict hygiene standards, cleaning measures for frequently accessed areas (such as entrances, door handles, elevators, escalators, etc.) will be doubled.

Once a suspected case, to isolate and call 120 immediately rushed to the nearby designated hospital. To cooperate with relevant departments to investigate and confirm the personnel and places in close contact with the suspected case, isolate and observe the related personnel, close and disinfect the related places. If foreign personnel or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan personnel are involved, the report will be made to the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office, the Municipal Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Department and the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration.

During the exhibition, temperature test as well as wearing mask is required before entering the venue.  In case of crowded audiences, corresponding current-limiting measures will be taken. Guidance and shunting will be conducted for booths with large traffic gathering in time.  In Coordination with the exhibition hall, the exhibitors and visitors will be released 30 minutes prior to the admission time announced by the organizer, to maximize the buffering of personnel gathering.

If suspected cases are found, exhibitors and visitors can contact the staff of the organizer's service desk in time.


Ⅱ Onsite Event Management

1、Reminder to the exhibitors to reduce all kinds of marketing activities, meanwhile, to prepare measures of diversion or traffic limit when people are intensive. Exhibitors are required to regularly disinfect their booths, exhibits and promotional materials. It is recommended that the promotional materials be electronic.

2、Reminder to keep an appropriate distance during customer communications and to avoid direct physical contact such as handshaking when socializing.

3、To reduce all kinds of entertainment or feast as less as possible, if have, meal division is strongly recommended.

4、All used mask should be properly destroyed and on-site disinfection be arranged after the exhibition closes.


Ⅲ Information Submission

Establishment of exhibition daily log and reporting mechanism. To strengthen internal management for prompt information submission responding to the evolving situation.


Ⅳ Aftercare Measures

1、In cooperation with relevant department, to investigate cause, trajectory and whereabouts of suspected COVID-19 cases.

2、To keep tracking update and announce the latest development and prohibit spreading rumors.

3、To organize case records and submit report in written.

Shanghai is one of the safest big cities in China. Also the exhibition grounds we use meet relevant security standards. In close cooperation with the police and authorities, we provide for your safety with comprehensive security measures. During the exhibitions, assistance and reinforcement is provided by relevant personnel directly on site and always close to you.

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