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Silicon Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd (SIT)is a high-tech enterprise founded by returnees, specializing in mixed signal integrated circuit design. Currently, it is an independently operated brand under Howell Group.The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, has been evaluated as a "National High-tech Enterprise" by the Ministry of Science and Technology, it is also a "Member Unit" of China Semiconductor Industry Association, a "Member Unit" of China Automobile Industry Association, a "Member Unit" of German CiA (CAN in Automation) Association, and a "Director Unit" of Shenzhen Automobile Electronics Industry Association. In the field of automobile application, SIT took the lead in launching 5V/3.3V CAN/CAN FD bus interface chip series and LIN bus interface chip series, becoming the first analog IC manufacturer with both CAN and LIN transceiver chips in China. The company has gathered a group of passionate, diligent, innovative and outstanding engineers and a management team with international operation experience in the field of sensor signal processing chip design at home and abroad.

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