1,650 exhibitors and 110,642 professional visitors gathered together
The exhibition scale reached 100,000 square meters, an increase of 67% over the previous one
13 specialized forums attracted numerous well-known industry experts
Upgrade and success of electronica Automotive China

electronica China achieved a successful completion in July. This year, the number of exhibitors reached a record high of 1,650, the exhibition area totaled more than 100,000 square meters, and a total of 110,642 professional visitors were received in three days, all of which made new breakthroughs. The 10 exhibition areas,  13 professional forums, live streaming events, on-site interactive activities excited the electronics industry in China. Time has proved our influence. After two years, the return of electronica China delivered an excellent answer for peers in the electronics industry with craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Chief Executive Officer of Messe München, said: "Compared with previous years, electronica China made great breakthroughs in terms of number of exhibitors and visitors as well as exhibition scale this year. It is promising to see the strong comeback of exhibition in China. As the leading trade fair in the Asian electronics industry, it will continue to create more opportunities for China's electronics industry to showcase technology applications and forge ahead steadily."

Numerous themed segments outlined an industry blueprint through integration into various popular application fields

In order to align with the development trend and meet the demands of the electronics industry, electronica China has expanded the scale of current exhibits and created themed exhibition areas for semiconductors, passive components, intelligent internet connections & new energy vehicles, sensors, connectors, switches, cable harness, power supplies, testing & measurement, printed circuit boards, electronic manufacturing services, advanced manufacturing and other sections. It brought together high-quality enterprises in the electronic industry as well as enterprises in popular fields to showcase technological applications and enable discussions.

More than mere aggregation of singular products, electronica China also introduced extensive applications in vertical fields. It has become a professional exhibition platform spanning the upstream product design and downstream application implementation sections of industries including industrial electronics, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, communication systems, medical electronics, Internet of Things, new energy technology, aerospace, and other fields.

Lu Wangbin, Chief Operating Officer of Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd., expressed: "The return of electronica China after two years has shown me the industries' unbelievable enthusiasm for the exhibition. In the two years of preparing for the exhibition, we have been growing, learning, waiting, accumulating, and actively preparing, so that we can come back with a show full of sincerity for the electronics industry. Thanks to the trust and support of the visitors, exhibitors, partners and media, the exhibition was successfully held, signifying a prosperous future for China's electronics industry. As a professional technology exchange platform for China's electronics industry, we will continue to pursue our original aspiration and forge ahead with peers in the electronic industry."

Yong Li, Sales Director of Amphenol expressed: “I have participated in electronica China for many years and experienced its development, but I am still surprised to see such a large scale this year. We are very pleased with the crowds of people and their great confidence in products and the industrial future. This year's exhibition is the liveliest one I have participated in for many years. At the same time, I also hope that there will be new hot spots at electronica China next year.”

Exploring the technological innovation and industrial collaboration in "smart mobility"

The highly expected electronica Automotive China remained a highlight of electronica China. This exhibition area focused on latest automotive trends such as the Internet of Vehicles, new energy vehicles, autonomous driving, intelligent cockpit, in-vehicle cameras, communication, testing, human-computer interaction, sensor modules, radar, power batteries, drive and charging, and electronic control systems, attracting well-known brands in the industry to participate in the exhibition one after another, such as in-vehicle chips, in-vehicle power semiconductors, sensors, automotive-grade passive components, vehicle connectors and wiring harnesses, and in-vehicle PCBs.

Wayne Zhou, GM of Marketing and Technology of ADI APJC mentioned: “I think electronica China is a very good platform for us to showcase our understanding of the market and also some new technologies. I am very glad to see many customers and peers come to the booth today for communication, and we will definitely attend the exhibition next year.”

Together with partners in the automobile industry, electronica China organized a special event that included a number of novel and creative interactive activities in the field of automobiles — the Automotive Electronics Carnival, a popular event planned by Xin Master and sponsored by Ample Solutions. The event made its debut at the exhibition site with various activities including roundtable talks, exhibition areas, cocktail party, and lucky draws. Enterprises in the automotive electronics industry were invited to showcase relevant solutions to enhance the understanding of market trends and stimulate more business opportunities in new directions. In addition, the IEV matchmaking conference for new supply chains was held in joint efforts of Gasgoo International and electronica China. A special zone for one-on-one business negotiation was established, where suppliers of vehicles and parts flocked together in seek of business opportunities. At the car lights disassembly show brought by DengDengSchool, three car lights, namely the IM L7 headlights, Hiphi X ISD interactive lights and ZEEKR 001 headlights, were disassembled and displayed on site. Besides, industry experts were invited to introduce cutting-edge technologies of automotive lights.

Mingyu Zhao, Vice President of Strategic Automotive Sales of Renesas Electronics referred to the exhibition: “electronica China is a very important electronics exhibition in China. We hope to maintain a good cooperative relationship with electronica China. We will definitely participate in future exhibitions and present everyone with better solutions and supporting development environments at electronica China.”

Visitor interactive activities brought an immersive exhibition experience

To enhance the exhibition experience and the interaction between the exhibitors and visitors, nearly 200 exhibitors participated in the “e Visa” on-site promotional activity.

This year, electronica China continued to partner with elecfans.com, and had in-depth one-on-one dialogues with senior executives of enterprises during the live streaming. Senior executives of enterprises were invited to talk about topics such as the Internet of Things, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, and consumer electronics, sharing information on new industry trends, new products and technologies, and innovative solutions.

Wei Zhou, Sales Manager of MORNSUN GUANGZHOU SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, told us: “I am honored to participate in this exhibition. The theme of the exhibition closely follows the social trend and keeps pace with the times. The visitors' enthusiasm is high, demonstrating the influence of electronica China. Exhibitors are all high-quality enterprises, many of which are our potential customers and also regular customers who have cooperated with us. This exhibition allows everyone to gain a better understanding of our products.”

Well-known industry experts gathered at thirteen professional forums

A total of thirteen professional forums were held at electronica China. Themed on popular applications such as automobile, 5G+ industrial Internet, IoT and medical electronics and hot technologies such as embedded systems, connectors and wiring harnesses, hundreds of industry leaders, technical experts and scientific researchers from the electronics industry, application fields and research institutes were invited to share R&D cases, provide advanced technical solutions, and forecast future development trend of the industry.

Qing Zhang, Marketing Director of EYANG Technology Development Co., Ltd. mentioned: “electronica China is an influential electronics industry event in East China. The sheer volume of exhibitors, especially manufacturers in the industry of passive components, demonstrates its influence and importance in the industry. This year's electronica China is larger in scale than the previous one, with exhibitors of higher quality and expertise. The range of exhibited products is also more diverse and abundant. We will continue to participate in the exhibition next year.”

Terry Lu, Deputy General Manager of North China of Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. said: “We see a large number of visitors on site, and everyone come with great enthusiasm to communicate with us. We have prepared a meticulously designed booth for this exhibition and attract lots of trade visitors, It is definitely a worthwhile experience for both the visitors and the exhibitors.”

Though the exhibition has come to an end, electronica China will continue pursuing industry development with ingenuity. We appreciate the presence of all exhibitors, visitors, partners and media. Let’s meet again next year from July 8 to 10, 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

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