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Company Profile

ELMOS is a developer and manufacturer of semiconductor based system solutions. We always offer the one product to the customer that is just the right answer to his challenges. Be it a chip tailored to specific requirements, a standard product ready for use in a short amount of time, or a complete micro­system as a symbiosis of sensor and read-out electronics. This product catalog contains an excerpt of our standard products to deliver insight into our capabilities. Feel free to contact us with any specific requirements which we will be happy to fulfill with a customized solution.
Our more than 500 successful products are proof of a job well done. Ever since 1984 it has been our profession to come up with complex semiconductors that facilitate intelligent and cost-efficient solutions based on their robustness and diversity of functions. We have sales offices on four continents and guarantee fast support to our customers with local presence.
Our formula for success is based on three pillars: our own CMOS technology, our own chip design, and our own production. All of this is combined under one roof, with outstanding application know-how. This is how our products come into being, made to be there for you every day – be it in your car, in your washing machine, or in your lawn sprinkler. With our ideas we are always a step ahead: We provide more functions which require less space. The outcome is daily innovation, which makes us achieve the most important thing: a chip that just works better and provides the ideal solution to your problem.
All of our products fulfill highest quality levels. Our ICs for automotive applications meet the stringent requirements for AEC-Q100 and are suitable for use in harsh automotive environment.

SMI is a premier semiconductor sensor company developing and manufacturing MEMS based pressure sensors and serve challenging applications in the automotive, medical, and industrial markets. We develop unique products for applications requiring ultra-low pressure ranges, extraordinary robustness in harsh environments, and extremely small size. Our integrated business model with in-house manufacturing in Silicon Valley (Milpitas, CA, USA) enables industry-leading quality and process control while offering high levels of service and flexibility. For OEM and custom solutions, SMI provides a broad selection of bare pressure sensor die. With offerings from ultra-low pressure to media resistant high pressure, SMI can provide high performance solutions for your application while providing the robust and high quality demands of the Automotive, Medical, and Industrial markets. The pressure sensor die are available in gage and absolute pressure configurations. For more robust applications, a backside absolute pressure die is available. Pressure ranges vary from 0.05 (~4 mbar) to 300 PSI (~21 bar). SMI carries a full selection of standard packaged products for the Automotive, Medical and Industrial markets. Packages range from the very small SOIC-8 plastic housing to the more versatile SOIC-16 plastic package with various porting options for design flexibility. A robust ceramic Dual Inline Package (DIP) is also available with stainless steel porting options for more stringent applications. To complement the package offering, SMI provides solutions for pressure ranges from 0.05PSI (~4 mbar) to 100 PSI (~ 7bar) with either an analog and digital interface. Various levels of integration are also available from uncompensated to fully temperature compensated and signal-conditioned offerings.

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