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Jiangsu Dongchen Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

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Company Profile

Jiangsu Dongchen Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. is established in 1998. The company's predecessor is Jiangsu Dongguang Micro-electronics Co.,Ltd.
Dongchen possess five subsidiaries, they respectively are:Wuxi Xunchi Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. Jiangsu Dongguang Electronics Co.,Ltd. Wuxi Dongzhou Yixin Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Changxing Electronics Co.,Ltd. YiXing JieXin Semiconductor Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Dongchen is a high & new technological company supported by the national policy and a national encouraged IC enterprise approved by four Ministries and Departments in China.
Main products include Protection Devices, Thyristor (SCR & Triac), GDT etc. which are wildly used in the fields of communication equipment, network equipment, digital TV, civil circuit motorcycle, electric tools, electrical appliances, energy-saving lamps, consumer electronics, automotive electronic equipment and instrument etc.
Dongchen is a successful model of innovation & development in Chinese Semiconductor Industry by its business model combing product design, wafer fabrication, packaging & testing, sales & service together.Dongchen has passed the standard attestation of ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification.Dongchen products have been tested through UL,TÜV,RoHS,PAHs.
Address:Baihe Industrial Park,Xinjie Street, YiXing
Tel: +86-0510-87138911/8935 Fax:+86-0510-87136822
Zip code: 214205
Email: dongguang@jsdgme.com export@jsdgme.com

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