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SwitchLab (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

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Company Profile

SwitchLab Inc.was founded in 1988 and SwitchLab (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd is her wholly-owned subsidiary,which was established in 2006. SwitchLab Inc. is the Asia leading factory of low voltage electric equipment integrated with R&D,production and selling. The main products include:low voltage illuminated pushbutton switches, various limit switches, high currency cam switches,connectors for the control system,PCB terminals, warning devices for the security system,etc, which are widely applied in the various fields of industry such as electric engineering, building automation, healthcare, wind energy, solar energy, machinery engineering, lighting system, rail system, marine system, and factory automation, etc.Based on experienced R&D team and full-integrated production process,accumulating nearly 30 years of experience in the precision mold of plastic injection, the metal stamping and mass production, SwitchLab is very professional in mold manufacturing, in life time extension of mold, in production precision, in shortening of development time, in productivity improvement, in R&D cost reduction. We have many testing equipments, and cooperate with some research institutes to check the developing results and quality. Therefore, the ability to adapt to rapidly changing customer demands and market conditions. All these backgrounds allow us to be able to develop the more precision & complex products for our customers in the near future.
To ensure the quality of our products, we have got the world authorized safety certificates,like UL, CUL, SA, CSA, CE, VDE, TUV, CCC,etc.

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