Hirose Electric (China) Co., Ltd.

Hirose Electric (China) Co., Ltd.

Japan | 6.2D176

Electromechanics/system peripherals (connectors, relays, switches, keyboards and casing technology)

Industrial electronics | Communication systems | Consumer Electronics | Medical technology | New energy | Aviation & Space technology | Mechanical engineering | Lighting engineering | Household appliance | Computers & Peripherals | New energy | Security & protection system | Intelligent building | Automotive industry | Rail transit


Company Profile

HIROSE Electric, as one of the world’s leaders in the connectivity industry,specializes in the challenging development and manufacture of electronic connectors in a wide range of industries, including industrial, automotive, information &communication, medical and consumer electronics particularly for the smartphone. With about 80 years of experience, our expertise is not only miniaturizing, but also high-speed, high-reliability, high-power and advanced manufactory technologies. HIROSE has 24 sales offices globally, 8 manufacturing facilities and 5 R&D centers in 13 different countries, with dedicated teams of over 4,000 professionals generating sales of JPY 120 billion in the 2014/15 fiscal year.

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