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China copper Huazhong Copper Co., Ltd

Founded on September 28, 2005, located in Huangshi, Hubei Province, China's mining and metallurgical industrial base, it is a national high-tech enterprise and the first high-precision copper strip production enterprise in China. The registered capital of the company is 1.793 billion yuan, which is controlled by Chinalco Group China Copper Co., Ltd., one of the world's top 500 enterprises. Huangshi state owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. shares in the company. The annual production capacity of high-precision copper strip is 90000 tons, and many products fill the domestic blank.

Taking "replacing import and facing export" as the market orientation, we have 106 sets of advanced, mature and reliable production process equipment at home and abroad. Except for hot rolling, the rest are imported from Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy and other countries. The equipment has reached the international advanced level and is one of the most advanced high-precision copper plate, strip and foil processing enterprises in China.

The company adheres to the strategic requirements of "giving priority to the development of copper", "strengthening copper industry" and "spanning the downstream development" of Chalco group, based on the construction of 100 billion copper industry cluster in Hubei Province, focusing on the extension of China's copper intensive processing industry chain, and is committed to high-precision lead frame copper strip, high oxygen tough copper (copper foil blank), new energy automobile copper, LCD sputtering target, calendering copper foil Under the guidance of high-speed, high-precision and high-efficiency industrial development direction, the production and R & D of bronze and white copper alloy materials, the company continues to make steady progress in independent innovation, alternative import, composite processing, integration of industry and finance, green development and intelligent manufacturing, and strives to build a science and technology-based and innovative copper processing enterprise with international competitiveness.

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