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Hunan Juci International Trade CO.,LTD

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Sensor technology | Passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc.) | PCBs, other circuit carriers and EMS | Assemblies and subsystems

New energy | Aviation & Space technology | Military electronics | Household appliance

Company Profile

Hunan Juci International Trade Co., Ltd., established in December 2018, with registered capital of 5 million yuan, is located in Special Ceramic Industrial Park of Xinhua Economic Development Zone.The company is an export-oriented international trading company initiated by ten large-scale advanced ceramic enterprises in Xinhua County, Hunan Province, China. The company is mainly engaged in services of market development, technical consultancy, achievements transfer of advanced ceramic products and etc. In cooperation with Los Angeles China Investment Promotion Center, the company has established an overseas window platform named "The North America Representative Office of Xinhua County Ceramics" in Los Angeles, the United States, to promote "Xinhua Special Ceramics" brand for North, Central and South America, and to enhance the international value of the brand and introduce new advanced ceramics to the world.

Our main products are new energy series ceramics, thermostat series ceramics, metallization series ceramics, circuit substrate series ceramics, safety tube series ceramics, decoration series ceramics, electric light source series ceramics, electric machine series ceramics, porous series ceramics, vacuum switch series ceramics, heat-resistant series ceramics, wear-resistant and tough series ceramics and water valve series ceramics and so on. Our products are widely used in transportation, chemical, metallurgy, electronic communications, health, radio and television, marine development, energy and environmental protection, aerospace and other fields.

The company adheres to the strategy of "Creating, Leading, Opening and Growing!", aiming at opening up the international market, promoting the transformation and upgrading of new advanced ceramics of Xinhua County, extending the advanced ceramic industry chain, and developing into a high-tech group.

Resource Integration:

Integrate the electronic ceramic resources of Xinhua County with poly-ceramics as a platform, take the development route of clustering, scaling and branding.

Overseas Business Expansion

With North America Representative Office of Xinhua County Ceramics as a window, we will develop overseas businesses centering on North America and expand to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc., and gradually set up offices in these areas.

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