Nanjing Sunnychip Semiconductor Co., Ltd

Nanjing Sunnychip Semiconductor Co., Ltd

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Industrial Electronics / Industrial Control | Consumer Electronics | Automotive electronics and EV | Electricity and New Energy

Company Profile

Sunnychip Semiconductor Company, which locates in the ancient capital Nanjing, focuses on high efficiency semiconductor devices research and development. Sunnychip cooperates with professional electrical technology talents and dedicates to the independent R&D of discrete or as well as module design which includes FRD, MOSFET and IGBT. The primary goal of Sunnychip Semiconductor Company is to develop high-power system electronic products which are applicable to high frequency inverter welding machine, UPS and other areas. The long-term goal is to be a high power semiconductor device company meanwhile company’s design and production is suitable for high efficient green energy industry.

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