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Ningbo Powerway Alloy Material Co., Ltd is the core enterprise of Powerway Group, Powerway Group is the first national recognition of the innovative enterprise, have the national Level Post-Doctoral Fellowship, the national recognition of the enterprise technology center, the national accredited laboratory, the national and local Joint engineering research center, the company fully inherited the Powerway Group's research and development strength, is the national key high-tech enterprise, is the international Wrought Copper Council (IWCC) director unit, is also IWCC technical committee. January 27, 2011, the company was listed on Shanghai stock exchange main board (stock referred to as: Powerway alloy, stock code: 601137).

Founded in 1993,the registered capital of 627,219,708 RMB, covers an area of 364400 square meters, more than 3000 employees, mainly in high-performance, high-precision non-ferrous alloy materials development, production and marketing, innovate out functional alloy, environmental friendly alloy materials, energy saving alloy materials and alternative alloy materials, products composed mainly of non ferrous alloy in bar, wire, strip and plate form, widely used in aerospace, electronics, telecommunication, automobile, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, precision mould, home appliance, hardware bathroom and so on more than 30 industries, providing industrial enterprise with high quality industrial food.

Developed by our company of high-performance alloy materials, have been successfully used in the Shenzhou 1-10 series spacecraft, The Chang"e" 1-2 detector and the tiangong-1 aircraft. The company leading environmental lead-free cutting brass series alloy, high-performance Ti Cr Zn projects is national "The Eleventh Five-Year Plan" science and technology support projects. Powerway Alloy lead or participate in our country copper alloy bars and wires' 16 national standards and 4 industry standards establishment, 15 of them have been promulgated and implemented officially, lead our country alloy material industry fast development.

The company has a strong development strength, Undertaken national torch project 4, National "The Eleventh Five-Year Plan" science and technology support projects 2, national innovation foundation project 1, national key new product project 2; Obtain authorized invention patents 22 items, American invention patent license 1 item, form the our country with independent intellectual property rights of the patent product system. The company are developing and researching a variety of new material in the non ferrous alloy new material area, becoming China's non ferrous alloy materials research and development of new leader.

Company built a complete of operation system, covering strategic, financial, human, operational and other management areas. The company introduced ISO9002:1994 in 1997; improved the corporate culture management system in 2004; service center was set up in 2007 to enhance the integration of service capabilities; introduced world-class SAP system, to fully implement information management; comprehensively promote lean production in 2010; imported IBM strategic management in 2013; passed ISO14001 environmental certification and ISO9001:2008 quality management certification.

Uphold the "beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, the company is committed to providing to meet the needs of the times of the alloy materials, for the community to save the resources for customers to reduce costs.

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