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Company Profile

Aigtek is a leading high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development, production and sales of measuring instruments in China.Always committed to power amplifier products as the core of the relevant industry test solutions.

To provide users with competitive testing solutions, Aigtek has become an instrument equipment supplier with a wide product line and a considerable scale in the industry.Has successfully developed ATA - 1000 series Wide Band Amplifier, ATA - 2000 series high voltage amplifier, ATA - 3000, ATA4000, ATA - L series power amplifier and ATG - 2000, ATG - 3000 series Power Signal Generator, and has been applied in MEMS experiment, piezoelectric ceramics, underwater acoustic (transducer) magnetic properties of magnetic materials (B - H curve) measurement and medical field (magnetic biological effect) and so on many fields.

About the certification

Aigtek electronics has passed GB/T19001-2016 /ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification;

Aigtek electronics has passed the GJB9001C-2017 weapon equipment quality management system certification.

Support services
Aigtek technology has professional technical support engineer team and perfect technical service system, which can provide one-stop product service for customers. We offer free prototype trial, free professional engineer training, free test technology exchange.

Customized services
With only one phone or one email, technical support engineers will respond quickly and accurately to your questions and provide a professional customized service based on your needs.

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