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Company Profile

Shandong DIYI Electronics Co.,Ltd was build in 2006,at present with the total investment of 260 million Yuan,it is of 60 acres land and of 28.000 square meters plant.The existing staff more than six hundred,technical staffof eighty one person who above college who are directly engaged in the researchand development of twenty open the branch in 2010--Shandong Xinnuo Electronic Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.
Our mainproducts are as follows:the rectifier bridge (MINI-DIP, KBP , GBU, DIP, etc.)、ordinary rectifier diode (STD)、ultra-fast recovery diode (FR, HER, UF, SF)、Schottky diode (SKY)、transient voltage suppression diode (TVS)series and the special protection diode for solar cell module, solar module junction boxes, connectors, silicon diode and Briage Rectifiers Chips,etc.
DIYI has advanced domestic and foreign automatic production lines.The annual production capacity has reached three billion diode, 100 million protection diode dedicated in solar cell module, and 1.2 million units junction box used in solar cell module,and can product 300 thousand pieces of various OJ and GPP chip products' diffuser ,and can product 300 thousand pieces of various OJ and GPP chip products' diffuser ,Annual sales income of DIYI has reached 220 million Yuan. Since 2008, DIYI continuously invested large amount of money and technology on the MINI-DIP rectifier bridge.At present the scale has reached an annual output of four hundred million pieces,it has been to the first MINI - DIP rectifier bridge production base and brand of the domestic.The products are widely serviced for many well-known enterprises at home and abroad and well trusted by the customers.
DIYI has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 system certification, and was awarded the title of high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province.Shandong Provinc"Double Hundred double thousand"engineering credit enterpriseJining"Economic Development Advanced Unit"and more than 30 terms of honors above municipal.The products are complying with ROHS certification standards, and get the German TUV and the United States UL safetycertification. Product has won the acceptance of many famous enterprises at home and abroad,at present our company has become LG、Panasonic 、SUSANG、NVC、OPPLE、PHILIPS、Leishi Lighting、Changhong Elec and other famous enterprises' long-term supplier.
The company mainly produces four series products which are axial, SMT, bridge rectifiers and PV module. The axial product covers STD、FR、HER、UF、SF、SKY、TVS、DB3 and so on .The package includes DO-41,DO-15,DO-201AD,R-6,R-1 etc. The products are widely used in household appliances, power supply, energy-saving lamps, charger, car protection, router, instrumentand solar photovoltaic industry, etc. Continous innovation is made for production and technology.GPP green environmental protection technologymake the products performance more stablefor the needs of customers in Europe and the United States.
SMA and SMB package are the mainly package for SMD series products These series products are the upgraded products for common axial semiconductor diode。They have advancedtechnology, small volume, big powerand so on .The products are produced under the standard technology and a more green environment same time. These products' design and production are accordingtonational and industry standards. The company continuous imports and updates the advanced production equipment and production technologyof the domestic and international to satisfythe demand of the marketand obtained the majority customers' satisfaction.
The bridge rectifier series mainly include MINI-DIP、DIP、GBU、KBP、KBL、KBJ etc. In order to adapt to the development trend of electronic products,our company developed a new-type MINI-DIP which replace the function that need four diodes together to make and realizedthe integration of electronic components. Compared with the traditional similar bridgerectifier products, this products' whole thickness get reduction 30% and heat dissipation is better The bridge rectifier products are used by GPP not OJ production technology, which is more according with country's green environmental protection requirements. The products are used in high-end electronics rectifier circuitand provide the foundation for electronic products miniaturization and scale expansion,which are widely used in the present LED power supplies, chargers, energy-saving lamps, LED display and other industries.
The PV moduleseries products mainly include solar photovoltaic junction box , which is DIYI self-research product in response to Electronic country's green energy development program. This productscombines the company ownsolar diode advantage(10A10 10SQ050 12SQ050 and 15SQ050)and is accepted by many domestic clients through strict material selection and technologic evaluation. At present, the products can meet the requirements from 30W-300Wand the current can get 15A.The connector can bear 30A.It widely used for PVsolar power generation system, such as: photovoltaic power station, solar street lamps and other products.
Shandong Xinnuo Electronics Co.,Ltd is an high and new technology industries that specializing in researching、producing、selling and serving for kinds of chips products We are using international advanced silicon materialandlow temperature chemical vapor phase precipitation equipment (LPCVD)to ensure the qualityin the chip production line. In addition to meet the requirements of kinds of types、sizes that STD、FR、HER、SF and so on types for markets, we enlarge the capacity of GPP glass passivated chips , concentrated technical and equipment advantagesan develop many kinds of GPP chips,like MINIDIP、DIP、GBU、KBP、KBL、GBL、KBJ、GBP、KBPC、GBPC,etc. Chip is the core for DIYI Electronics products and power source of DIYI Electronics innovation,developmentand quality guarantee.
The company actively implementthe "persons prospering corporation" strategy。Weestablish the cooperation relations with institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, introduce the talent of high technical ability and the international first-class production testing equipment and advanced technologyand employ well-known experts in the industry, high quality management personnel and technical operation personnel. We further enhanced the competitiveness and Joint venture cooperation ability among the domestic and international enterprisesto Cultivatea big electronic industry chain and build a leading enterprise of the electronic components.
The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, we are conquering its summit.DIYI people is adhering to the business philosophy that build the brand with science and technology, win the market with quality, treat clients with integrity, and create first-class with management and to be continuous creation. We’d like to create a brilliant future hand in h and with you!.

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