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K.S. Terminals Inc. was founded in 1973 and specialized in terminals, connectors and wiring accessories. KST produces more than 10,000 items and sells products over 150 countries. In 2004, the oversea manufacturing site was established in Suzhou city, and set up another distributing company in Guangzhou of Southern China. KST are devoted to enhancing rationalization, standardization and automation with our philosophy of honesty, unity, quality, research, and strive. KST provides perfect integrations by mold design, mold processing, advanced manufacturing, automatic assembly and packing, AS/RS Warehouse, along with flexible system, stable quality, and various products to quickly meet all requirements from customers. This years, KST has entered the industries of vehicle connectors, solar energy, 4G telecom, and electric cars, moreover, actively expand the global selling channels which have established branches in the U.S., Thailand, and Europe. Developing KST brand and reinforcing the capability of new niche products has been our long-term and important goal.

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