HVS High Voltage Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

HVS High Voltage Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

HVS HIGH VOLTAGE SEMICONDUCTOR CO., LTD. is a national high-tech company, we develop, manufacture, market high voltage product lines and provide the service. The products mainly include high voltage diodes, high voltage silicon rectifier stacks, high voltage bridge rectifiers, multiplier assemblies which are widely applied in military defense, aerospace, transportation, medical, electric power, instrumentation and more industries.
With advanced facilities in production, testing, quality control and production management system, we control the whole processes from the procurement of raw materials, production, testing and sales to ensure the product quality effectively.
We have an experienced and dedicated engineering team in high-voltage design. Based on our own intellectual properties, we commit to the development of high-tech products. Additionally, we have a sales team composing of technical engineers and salesmen. Customers can benefit from our cost-effective products and satisfactory technical support and after-sales services. Furthermore, we maintain close technical cooperation with many universities and research institutes to ensure a strong competitive position in technological innovation, development and production.

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