Xiamen Sanan Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Sanan Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Xiamen Sanan Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. ("SAIC" for short) is located in the Xiamen Torch High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, with a total investment of $500M on a planned area of 180,000 square meters.SAIC established a compound semiconductor manufacturing platform which combines process technologies for microwave radio frequency, high power electronics, and optical, by having in-house capability and vertical integration of substrate materials, epitaxy growth and wafer fabrication. SAIC owns large scale of MOCVD epitaxy growth production lines and the most advanced process technologies.
SAIC is proud of highly reliable processes and extensive experience in wafer foundry, with professional R&D teams, both at home and abroad. SAIC offers the most competitive products with optimal manufacturing efficiency, focused on the development of
high-end technologies for microwave radio frequency, power electronics and optical devices, and strives for developing leading processes and for constant improvements in process capabilities.
SAIC offers a comprehensive technology portfolio with
stable production yields to build partnerships with global
IDM and fabless chip makers. SAIC is committed to become
the best compound semiconductor manufacturer with high
productivity in China and be the leading global wafer foundry
service provider.
In the field of radio frequency millimeter wave, SAIC has
launched advanced process technologies for wireless
applications such as GaAs HBT, pHEMT and has built a
large-scale professional 4-inch and 6-inch compound wafer
manufacturing line.
In the field of power electronics, SAIC has launched SiC
power diodes and silicon-based GaN power devices with
high reliability and high power density.
In the field of optical communications, SAIC has been
capable of producing DFB lasers, photodiodes, avalanche
photodiodes and other high-speed optical communication
products, and has developed high-power visible and infrared
VCSELs, edge-emitting lasers and other products including
for 3D sensing, LiDAR and other consumer applications.

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