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Tianhai Auto Electronics Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: THB Electronics ) was founded in 1969, which is a powerful research and production enterprise of automotive connectors and a new R&D enterprise of automotive electronic products. Henan Tianhai Electrics Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of THB, fills the domestic blank of connector products, and is a high-tech leading auto parts (connectors) enterprise in China. THB has a nationally recognized enterprise technology center and a nationally recognized laboratory. It is the setter of domestic automobile industry standards and has presided over or participated in the drafting of more than 10 national standards or automobile industry standards.

THB mainly produces more than 10,000 varieties in 5 categories including Automotive Connectors, Wire Harness, Automotive Electronics, Central Electrical Boxes, and New Energy Products. Our products support GM, Ford, Volkswagen and other world-renowned automakers, covering national auto brands such as FAW, SAIC, GEELY, etc., and have established business contacts with leading new car manufacturers such as NIO, Ideal, and XPENG. THB's new energy business accounted for more than 40% in 2022, showing a clear first-mover advantage.

We build a local-based and global-oriented market layout, and relies on a scientific and rigorous R&D system to vertically integrate resources. With a sincere, thoughtful, professional and efficient service concept, we have now developed into a leader in the automotive electronics industry through excellent process management.

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