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C&B ELECTRONICS SZ CO LTD. is a research and production-oriented enterprise that covers alloy raw materials, electron beam welding equipment, high-end electronic components, and high-precision current sensors. It has achieved vertical control of the entire industry chain, forming a group model of "dividing industries and prioritizing each, while working together to compose a chapter in the electronic world."

As the "group brain," the Shenzhen headquarters formulates strategic development directions for itself and its subsidiaries, coordinates resources, and actively fulfills its social responsibility. The average age of the group's employees is 29, and the R&D team accounts for more than 35%.

C&B Electronics has been deeply rooted in the electronic component industry for many years, with rich experience and a good reputation. It has established R&D and production bases in Changsha and Suzhou. The Suzhou Resi intelligent factory has four self-developed high-speed electron beam welding production lines, as well as advanced testing equipment and quality management systems, ensuring product performance and stability. C&B Electronics has always been committed to the high-end electronic component market, focusing on resistance technology development, and gradually becoming a supplier to many domestic universities, research institutes, military industry, medical, precision instruments, telecommunications, transportation, energy departments, and more.

The main products of RESI, a brand under C&B ELECTRONICS SZ CO LTD, include current sensors, precision resistors, shunt resistors for current detection, high-voltage resistors, high-energy resistors, high-power resistors, pulse-resistant resistors, large-current shunts, ignition resistors, thermistors, and other products covering various fields.

C&B Electronics adheres to the concept of "innovation, quality, and service," constantly pursuing technological breakthroughs and product optimization, and providing customers with satisfactory solutions and services. With the mission of "enriching the wings of the global electronic industry and solving the difficulties of user design and manufacturing" driving its progress, C&B Electronics strives to become a leading enterprise in China's resistor industry and looks forward to cooperating with everyone to create new heights in the industry!

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