August 27, 2019

Messe Muenchen announced today that electronica, its world-renowned “Olympic event” for the electronic industry, will start a new spin-off event in Shenzhen. The first electronica South China will be unveiled at the newly completed Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an) on November 3–5, 2020. electronica South China will take its root in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and cover the markets in South and Southwest China as well as Southeast Asia. The exhibition is going to build a high-quality innovation platform for the entire electronics industry chain and bring together leading enterprises, high-quality buyers and industry professionals from all over the world to offer innovation and vitality to the already booming electronics industry in South China.

After nearly 20 years of steady growth and development since electronica entered China in 2002, the exhibition brand originated in Germany has established a high reputation in the Chinese electronics industry with its brand influence, excellent exhibition benefits and professional exhibition services. electronica China has become the flagship platform for China's electronics industry. Its total exhibition space has exceeded 200,000 square meters, making it the barometer of the developments made by the industry.

Mr. Stephen Lu, Chief Operating Officer of Messe München Shanghai Co., Ltd. said: “Under the overall planning of the GBA, the electronic market in South China is very active and has unlimited potential for innovation and development. Shenzhen needs a high-quality, tech-intensive, innovative and comprehensive exhibition platform that fits its position and demand. Through the exhibition of the complete industrial chain, from electronic components to system integration solutions, we also hope to bring more innovative products and tailored solutions to South China. Together with the exhibitors and visitors, we can contribute to the industry a new event with rich content and innovative methods and promote innovation and creativity in the industry.”

Exhibition space of the first opening of electronica South China will cover 40,000 square meters and feature more than 500 high quality exhibitors from China and abroad.


Innovative Applications in Smart Mobility, Smart Factory and Smart Life

Innovative technologies such as AI, 5G, and Internet of Things are empowering the industry, and the “smart+” solutions will become mainstream for different application scenarios. electronica South China will focus on the three highly promising innovation applications—Smart Mobility, Smart Factory and Smart Life—to offer a better grasp of the development and opportunities of the smart technology in terminal industries. From the research and development of future cars to the construction of smart traffic and intelligent cities, electronica South China will cover a wide range of advanced technologies such as AI vision technology, ADAS and 5G. With IoT sensor network, data storage and cloud computing analysis, automatic driving technology and car and car interconnection make urban traffic more intelligent and convenient. Smart factories accelerates the development of the industry and electronic technology offers support to smart manufacturing. electronica South China will also establish a Smart Factory pavilion that brings together upstream and downstream solution providers to present leading smart factory technology in industrial software, sensors and communication, so as to accelerate the transformation toward intelligent manufacturing in China, the development of Industry 4.0 and the competitiveness of the exhibitors. AI technology empowers the IoT network and makes our life smarter and more efficient. From smart phones, home appliances, medical treatment to security inspection and intelligent buildings, electronica South China will be a pioneering platform for the exploration of future Smart Home technology.


Innovation by Integration Offers New Solutions and a Better Industry Ecosystem

Innovation by integration is becoming a new trend in the industry and cross-disciplinary cooperation and technology integration is now necessary. electronica South China never misses a single possibility of offering every new technologies. The integration of the trending technologies will result in different interactions and create new technologies. In addition to electronic components and products, electronica South China further provides opportunities for the exhibition of cross-disciplinary development through the Innovation by Integration Area that offers more interactive experiences. The area encourages enterprises and solution providers to present their applications for different scenarios, so as to highlight the advantages of the exhibitors, promote brand recognition and inspire innovation.


Incubation Platform for Start-ups and New Opportunities

The start-ups in Shenzhen are far ahead in terms of growth rate. With the rise of Chinese companies such as Huawei, BYD, and Dajiang, Shenzhen has gradually grown into a capital of innovation and attracted entrepreneurs from all over the world.

After the launch of the Science and Technology Innovation Board in the Shenzhen Stock Market, the number of new players and innovations made in the electronics industry will increase every year, and it will certainly bring more market opportunities. electronica has always been a professional platform for the electronics technology community, the end buyers and investors. It congregates the latest electronic technology and leading players in China and even the Asia Pacific region.

Start-ups can find more technical support to enhance their competitive advantages, better understand their customers, speed up the application of new scientific and technological achievements, and attract more capital for greater success. At electronica South China, “start-up” will be one of the key words, and a large number of activities will be centered on it.

The electronica brand has operated in China for nearly 20 years and once again it will expand its territory to Shenzhen. Many loyal exhibitors, visitors and industry media are also looking forward to it. electronica South China will create a high-end innovative technology platform for outstanding electronics companies in China and overseas markets, offering opportunities to meet with high-level buyers and R&D decision-makers in the electronics industry, to enter new markets, to reach more potential new customers and partners, and to find market opportunities. At the same time, through the strong integrated marketing platform of electronica, exhibitors may use its partner media and industry partners to enhance their brand recognition.

At the same time, at the first opening of electronica South China, the year-long celebration for the 20th anniversary of Messe Muenchen in China will kick off. Loyal exhibitors and visitors of Messe Muenchen exhibitions will be invited to celebrate the past 20 years of cooperation and success of China's electronics industry.

The co-location of Vision China (Shenzhen), Automation and EMA, productronica South China, and Laser South China will facilitate the integration of the exhibitions and offer cutting-edge technologies in the upstream and downstream of the electronics industry chain to accelerate the innovation and upgrading of the industry.



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