In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology in China, the third-generation semiconductor, as a key device, has played an important role. China has issued a series of relevant policies to vigorously enhance the competence of competitive digital industries such as advanced computing, new intelligent terminals, ultra-high definition video and network security, and actively promote innovation breakthroughs in core basic industries such as optoelectronics and high-end software, which greatly increases the demand for third-generation semiconductors.

It is expected that with the continuous progress of Internet and information technology, the demand for third-generation semiconductors will be higher and higher, the compound growth rate from 2023 to 2028 will reach 30.83%, and the overall market size will show a stable and sustainable growth trend.

*Source丨Intelligence Research

5G communication base stations drive the continuous expansion of RF device business

Wireless communication infrastructure is the main application area of GaN RF devices, accounting for 50%. According to CASA Research, the scale of GaN RF market in 2021 was RMB 7.33 billion, an increase of 11% over the previous year. After 2023, the deployment of millimeter wave base stations is expected to become the main force driving the Chinese market, with the scale growing exponentially. In addition, SiC-based GaN RF devices have the advantages of both high thermal conductivity of SiC and high-power RF output of GaN at high-frequency bands, making them a candidate technology for base station applications in the 5G era.

The demand for high-power power supplies drives the increase in volume and price of power devices

The "double high" characteristics of GaN have great penetration potential in high-performance consumer electronic devices, which can meet the requirements of fast charging and charging protection scenarios. Specifically, "charging" will become the key to the increase in the volume and price of this type of power devices.

NEVs may become the main terminal application market

In 2022, the sales volume of new energy vehicles (NEVs) in China reached 6.8 million, with an explosive increase in penetration rate. The improvement of vehicle electrification level has significantly increased the value of power semiconductors per vehicle. Compared with traditional inverters, SiC's wide bandgap, high thermal conductivity, high breakdown voltage and low on-resistance enable it to switch at higher voltages and frequencies with better heat dissipation. More and more auto manufacturers are turning to SiC devices.

The new era of AI is expected to promote the demand for power semiconductors in data centers

As ChatGPT swept the world in 2023, AIGC is expected to accelerate its downstream business and put forward huge demand for upstream computing power support. It is highly certain that data centers will increase the volume.

* Source: Intelligence Research, China Galaxy Securities Research Institute, Zheshang Securities

Theme Exhibition Area for Semiconductors

Electronica China will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre from July 8 to 10, 2024. A theme exhibition area for semiconductors will be built on the site to focus on highlights of innovative technology and attract third-generation semiconductor enterprises from all over the world. It aims to show technology application and innovation results, and provide a mature interactive platform for exhibitors and visitors. It is committed to promoting industrial development, facilitating cooperation and exchanges among parties inside and outside the industry, discussing the future development direction of the industry, and jointly creating prosperity and progress in the industry.

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