electronica China 2024 will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from July 8 to 10, 2024. During this event, a series of exceptional "innovative forums" will be held, offering insights into popular application markets and rapidly growing sectors including electric vehicles, automation electronics, third-generation semiconductors, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things technology, carbon neutrality, and industry. Additionally, industry leaders, technical experts, and scientific researchers from the electronics industry, application domains, and research institutes will be invited to address inquiries, share production cases, and provide advanced technological solutions for participants. The event is designed to cast light on the anticipated future trends of the industry.

  • 2024 New Energy Vehicles Three Electric Technology Summit Forum
  • International Automotive Electronics Conference
  • International Medical Electronics Innovation Forum
  • International Connector Innovation Forum
  • International Embedded System Innovation Forum
  • 2024 Innovation Forum on the Advanced Power Semiconductors Technology and Industry Chain

2024 New Energy Vehicles Three Electric Technology Summit Forum


Outlook/Development trend of "battery, motor, and electric control" technology
All-in-one electric drive system
New energy battery
Electric drive technology
Thermal management system

International Automotive Electronics Conference


Artificial intelligence & automatic driving

Smart chips for vehicle
Logic control IC
Environmental sensing technology for ADAS and automatic driving system (camera, LiDAR, MMW radar)
Multi-sensor integration & multi-source information fusion
High precision map and positioning
HMI technology for intelligent connected vehicle
Internet of Vehicles technology
Application of 5G technology in IoV
V2X technology
Development of IoV platform
Simulation and testing for automatic driving vehicle

International Connector Innovation Forum


Discussion on key materials, key process equipment and testing instruments of connector
Discussion on chain digital transformation and innovation in connector industry
Discussion on connector intelligence and low carbon production
Research on technology integration, innovation and application of connectors in emerging industries (rail transportation, new energy vehicles, 5G communication, public healthcare, etc.)

International Embedded System Innovation Forum


Embedded AI, multi-core high-performance processors, and the RISC-V industrial ecosystem
IIoT, motor control, smart energy and MCU IoT ecology

International Medical Electronics Innovation Forum


Status and trends of medical electronics
Wearable device and IOT for healthcare
Robotics for surgery and AI

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