Diotec Semiconductor (Shanghai) Corp.

Diotec Semiconductor (Shanghai) Corp.

Germany | E4.4706


Industrial electronics | Communication systems | Consumer Electronics | Computers & Peripherals | Automotive industry | Medical technology | New energy | Rail transit | Security & protection system | Lighting engineering | Intelligent building | Household appliance | Internet of Things (IoT)


Company Profile

Diotec Semiconductor AG is a global manufacturer of semiconductor diodes and rectifier.
The product range contains Standard to Ultrafast rectifier, Zener, Schottky, TVS diodes, single-phase and three-phase bridges, high voltage rectifier, small signal diodes and transistors, Diacs and Shunt Regulators.
Starting nearly a half century ago with the iconic SM4007, Diotec produces industrial standards like the BC846 and S1M as well as some harder to find parts like the TGL34-33A.
Extensive In-house know-how and maintaining a from front-end to back-end production capability allows Diotec to also offer customized products and aggressive lead times.
With almost 50 years of experience in the production and assembly of semiconductors, Diotec maintains a powerful background in the marketplace.
With its headquarters in Germany, at the heart of Europe, and Diotec fully owned factories in Slovenia, India and China, it is Diotec‘s target to achieve satisfied customers through excellent products and a high level of support.
With Offices and support on almost every continent, Diotec can provide worldwide service for the industrial, consumer, energy, lighting and automotive markets.

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